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VIDEO: NBA Presents Christmas Jerseys
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VIDEO: NBA Presents Christmas Jerseys

As I wrote in the post earlier, the league has unveiled the new Christmas jerseys. We had a chance to see some photos of them and now we also have a chance to see what they look like on players, thanks to the promotional video. The video features six NBA stars : Kevin Durant, James Harden,Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash and LeBron James.

Check it out below and share your opinion about the new jerseys :

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  1. Brandon Roertgen

    I like the commercials! I like the idea the NBA has behind making a cool type of commercial where they dribble or like this year sink three-points to the tune of a Christmas classic, however, these jersey’s are yucky. Last years were interesting and kind of cool when they picked almost inverse colors for the team uniforms, but this year they have gone to far with the sleeves. U—-G—–L—–Y—-!!!!!

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