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Stan Van Gundy Still Jobless
Courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel

Stan Van Gundy Still Jobless

Stan Van Gundy, who last coached for the Orlando Magic in 2012 surprisingly, is still sitting at home without a job. In a move that angered many including myself, Stan Van Gundy was fired from the Magic in all of the drama surrounding Dwight Howard.

This move angered me for a number of reasons. However, the main reason is the fact that Orlando Magic management put so much responsibility in the hands of such an immature individual. Howard exhibited his immaturity in his flip-flop attitude. He could never decide whether or not he wanted to leave and this tore apart the team’s inner chemistry and uprooted the captain. Simply, how could you let Dwight Howard have the power to “fire” a possible future hall of fame candidate?

Stan Van Gundy at a press conference during the NBA Finals in 2009

Courtesy of Insider Sports

If you don’t know what I mean, basically what happened is the Orlando Magic fired Van Gundy in hopes of keeping Dwight Howard from leaving. Unfortunately, this completely backfired on the Magic and they lost both Howard and Van Gundy.  Although the Magic claim that Howard had nothing to do with Van Gundy’s firing, that is complete garbage. And if you don’t believe me, explain why the Magic would fire a coach that turned the organization completely around and led them to an NBA Finals berth.

I am willing to bet that the Magic are still kicking themselves about this.  Usually, when a team decides it is going to tank or start fresh, they bring in a star or a great coach to build around. Trying to start over from scratch with absolutely no experience at all rarely works. If they were smart, they would have just given up on Howard and started completely fresh with Stan Van Gundy as the anchor piece. His experience would’ve been key.  But they didn’t and instead they finished with the worst record in the league.

Now, the question is why is Stan Van Gundy still sitting in his armchair at home instead of a folding chair beside the court. Like I already said, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is not a quality coach. For some insight, consider that Van Gundy took over the Heat and immediately took them from a twenty-five win team to 42 wins in one season and 59 wins the next. After leaving the Heat, Van Gundy continued his success in Orlando and guided the team to a 52 win season. Only to follow that up with 59 wins the next season and a major upset of LeBron’s Cavaliers enroot to the NBA Finals.

Van Gundy giving some words of advice to former C Dwight Howard

Courtesy of USA Today

My suspicion to the question above is that Van Gundy has not made himself readily available. I think he wants to coach again, but he isn’t going to just jump at any offer to coach a team like the Bobcats (sorry Charlotte fans, but it’s the best example). I fully expect him to wait until an organization with plenty of potential, such as the Pelicans or Timberwolves comes looking for that final piece to put them over the top.

What do you think? Would you want Stan Van Gundy to coach your favorite team? Let me know in the comments section and Follow Me on Twitter @broertge


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  1. Sammuel Huerto

    Great article Brandon. Stan was one of my fave coaches in the league. Well, tbh, the Van Gundys are pretty awesome. They got so animated when they coach and it’s great lol. I wouldn’t want Stan to coach my Warriors though, as we have the great Mark Jackson at command. I will say though, the type of players the Dubs have would be a great fit for coach Van Gundy. But again, Mark Jackson’s doing such a tremendous job. :)

    • Brandon Roertgen
      Brandon Roertgen

      Absolutely, you have to love the Van Gundy’s. Both showed so much passion on the court as coaches, and as you can see Jeff still shows a lot of passion as a broadcaster…..Mark Jackson is a doing a tremendous job, but I have to admit I miss him alongside Jeff Van Gundy as part of that crew. Maybe JVG’s coaching prowess rubbed off on Mark Jackson and that is why he is doing such a great job. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m a Orlando fan, and I know SVG is a great coach. The Lakers should look at him, and fire D’Antoni now that Dwight is gone. He really knew how to coach, and he won’t be jobless for long.

    • Brandon Roertgen
      Brandon Roertgen

      Man as a Laker fan I wish they would fire D’Antoni, and I do think they will but it will be a few games into the season before they consider it. But, I think they are more likely to promote Rambis to HC before hiring SVG. Either way, it would be better than what they have now. Thanks for commenting.

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