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Mario Chalmers Suspended for One Game
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Mario Chalmers Suspended for One Game

Miami Heat starting point guard Mario Chalmers has been suspended for one game for throwing his forearm into the Dallas Mavericks forward, Dirk Nowitzki, during last night’s game.

Referees decided this foul was flagrant 2 and ejected the Heat guard after reviewing it. Just a few minutes ago, the league announced that Chalmers won’t be allowed to play tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats.

If you remember, Chalmers was fined $15,000 just a week ago for hitting the Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin with a forearm.

This is what he had to say about the last night’s foul:  “Dalembert had my arm so I had to get my arm free. There was nothing intentional about it. I didn’t even see Dirk. I just told them, ‘Look at the replay and look at Dalembert holding my arm. That’s all I said to them.” – per Sun Sentinel.

I believe that Chalmers should have not been given the flagrant 2 foul last night as they contact was not intentional, as you can see from the video. The suspension is, in my opinion absurd.  The foul was excessive and hard, but it was no intentional and that’s the main reason why I think that the league should not have suspended the guard.

Although the defending champions Miami Heat face the Bobcats tonight, who are not one of the best teams in the league, the missing presence of their starting maker will undoubtedly be felt. The backup point guard Norris Cole will probably start instead of suspended Chalmers, unless the head coach Erik Spoeltra decides to move Dwyane Wade at the point guard spot and start someone else at the “4″.

What do you think? Did the league make the right decision by suspending Mario Chalmers and will the Heat be able to perform well without him tonight?

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