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Is Anyone Looking Forward To NBA Live 2014?

Is Anyone Looking Forward To NBA Live 2014?

There’s a decent chance that many readers have never even played a game from the NBA Live series, as the last game was made in 2009 (NBA Live 2010) and the 2K series has completely taken over the market while NBA Live worked on a comeback. That comeback appears to be in October of this year, as that’s when NBA Live 2014 is set to release. I, for one, am excited to see how it goes for EA Sports, as I was, at one time, a huge fan of the series.

My first experience with EA Sports’ NBA Live was in 2000, when Tim Duncan was featured on the cover. I had this game for my computer, and it was an absolute blast. It was the first basketball video game I had ever owned, and I loved the fact that you could play one-on-one with Michael Jordan. It was Jordan’s first appearance in an NBA Live game, as he was not a member of the Player’s Union in the game’s early years, so he had full control over his image being used. 2000cover

I went a couple years without owning a game, but got back into the swing of things when Vince Carter, then of the Toronto Raptors, was on the cover in NBA Live 2004. I really enjoyed this game as well, from the expansion Charlotte Bobcats, to being able to play with rapper Jermaine Dupri, it was really a blast.

It convinced me to buy NBA Live 2005, with Carmelo Anthony, then of the Denver Nuggets, the following year. I didn’t regret that choice, either, as the game introduced All-Star Weekend to the video game community. Being able to do 3-point competitions and dunk contests was an awesome feature to me, and I also enjoyed the freestyle moves that were now available.

I didn’t get the following year’s game that featured Dwyane Wade on the cover (or Yuta Tabuse if you were in Japan…yes, Yuta Tabuse was actually on the cover an NBA video game), as I had also bought NBA 2K5 the previous year. The reason I bought this was solely because I’m a Pistons fan, and Ben Wallace was on the cover. To be honest, I was not a huge fan of the game, as it was way too easy to score, and I figured that I would stick with EA Sports for my basketball video games for however long I continued playing them.

Given that experience with 2K, I bought NBA Live 2007, which featured Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets on the cover. To this date, that was one of my favorite video games. I loved that Lupe Fiasco was featured on the soundtrack, and I also had a ton of fun with being able to play with each decade’s all-star team. Just look at this trailer; how can you top Eric Snow dropping dimes and Hakim Warrick doing backflips?

I skipped another year before I bought NBA Live again (just a thing I do with all video games, generally there’s not much change between one year, but there can be quite a bit between two). Tony Parker was on the cover of this one, and it was pretty decent in my opinion. NBA Live 365 was a cool feature that updated the rosters constantly, and it was also a pleasure to have Lupe Fiasco on the soundtrack once again.

Now that you’ve caught up with my NBA Live experience, we can get to this year’s game. The trailer was just released about a month ago:

If you’ve ever played any of EA’s other games (Madden, NCAA Football, etc.) you will know that the graphics will be top-notch, so there’s no need to worry about that. A problem that I have seen with Madden, and appears to be something that could be a problem with Live 2014′s “BounceTek”, is that they seem to put too much effort into perfecting the realism of tackling (or in this case, dribbling) that the rest of the game seems to fall behind as an afterthought.

This could be a positive, however, as this should a realistic touch on situations such as driving to the lane. One of 2K’s few faults is that the game doesn’t seem to account for the momentum that a player builds up while running, as he can immediately be stopped by a flat-footed player.

Like NBA Live 365, the rosters will be updated every night, which will provide a different gameplay experience each time, as player’s virtual selves will go through the same hot and cold streaks that their real self does.

When they were both dueling for supremacy of the NBA video game market, I was certainly a fan of NBA Live over NBA 2K. Now that EA Sports is back into the market with the upcoming release of NBA Live 2014, I have high hopes that it will yet again overtake NBA 2K as the king of basketball video games.

What are your thoughts on the NBA Live 2014 trailer? Did you ever play any of the NBA Live games? Do you plan on buying NBA Live 2014? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Asmir Pekmic

    I simply loved NBA Live 2005, 2006, 07 and 08. They had cool graphics, and I love the addition of Freestyle Superstar Moves in 2006 (and I loved the cover, ofc!!! not that Japanese one, though). Then in 07 I liked that you could change freestyle superstar types on the court during the game. And NBA Live 08 had that cool addition of hot spots, and I was addicted to it! Considering I was playing it on PC, I was always installing some addons and mods which made the game even better. At that time, I think NBA Live was much better than NBA 2K. Right now I have both NBA Live 07 and NBA 2K7 for my XBOX 360, and Live 07 looks much much better.

    However, NBA 2K9 was good, NBA 2K10 was very good, 2K11 was awesome, 2K12 amazing and 2K13 excellent! It seems NBA 2K14 will be excellent as well, and I don’t really think NBA Live will be better. I took a look at that gameplay video of what was supposed to be “NBA Live 13″ and I was very disappointed. Those animations were horrible and player models were awful. The only good thing was visual presentation, such as things shown before the game.

    NBA Live series might rise from the ashes and be good, but it won’t be better than NBA 2K series, at least not anytime soon.

    • I went without 2K for about 6 years, so I couldn’t really give a comparison between the two, but when Live and 2K were on the same system, Live just looked better.

      I also don’t see Live overtaking 2K, but I’ve been wrong before.

  2. Matthew Price

    Might try and get this for Christmas with an Xbox One I’m going to buy. Thanks for the article, I’ll be reading reviews when it comes out!

  3. Joe Murphy

    Is it just me or do the characters look waaaaaay too skinny?

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