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Brandon Jennings Trade
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Brandon Jennings Trade

Age: 23

Born: Sep 23, 1989, in Los Angeles, California

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 169

Rookie Year: 2009

NBA Experience: 3 years


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Regarding the Brandon Jennings trade.The ink was barely dry on Brandon Jennings contract and already the Detroit sports radio stations were busy putting a negative twist on the trade that sent Brandon Knight, Kris Middleton, and  Slava Kravtsov to the Milwaukee Bucks.

It’s a strange thing about Detroit sports. The fans don’t like you when you’re there, but they seem to love you after you leave. Ask Chauncey Billups. Since most of the sports writers and radio hosts like to cut into  players instead of providing valid information on them. I decided to give our readers some background and a little video and then you decide whether the  Brandon Jennings trade will help or hurt the Detroit Pistons?

Brandon Jennings attended Dominguez High School in Compton, California. It is the same high school that Tayshaun Prince, Tyson Chandler and Cedric Ceballos attended. Brandon  soon decided to transfer to Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia a national basketball powerhouse.

“Brandon Jennings was the type of kid that always wanted to be in the gym” according to his  coach Steve Smith. In his junior year at Oak Hill Brandon averaged 15 points per game. In his senior year he broke a lot of school scoring records by averaging 35 points per game. Although committed to Arizona Brandon decided that he had enough of school. Jennings received a contract from Lottomatica for 1.65 million to play in the Italian League. He struggled there only averaging 5.5 points in 17 minutes. He eventually improved to 7.6 points in 19.6 minutes per game. He shot 38.7% from the field and 26.8% from the three. Although he struggled shooting he was still drafted number 10 by the Bucks the following year. The first month of his rookie year Brandon scored 55 points and nearly had a triple double. His first year he would go on to average 15.5 points per game. In his second year he averaged 19.1 and last year (2012) Brandon averaged 17.5 ppg.

The major knocks against Brandon Jennings are poor decision making. Makes too many turnovers, and he never saw a shot that he didn’t like to take. He takes too many 3 point shots and he doesn’t finish strong at the rim. Do you think that his lack of strong shooting percentages will make the Brandon Jennings trade a bad decision for the Pistons?

Brandon Jennings trade - photo of the bad boys emblem

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The Brandon Jennings Trade May Solidify Pistons Playoff Hopes

I think that the Brandon Jennings trade will improve the Pistons who need outside scoring. Having coaches like Maurice Cheeks and Rasheed Wallace and a mentor in Chauncey Billups will help him to make his game more efficient. He has to learn to be a distributor first and a shooter second and I believe that he will learn the importance of that in Detroit where he will have multiple offensive weapons to choose from. By the way, Josh Smith the recently acquired free agent from Atlanta also attended Oak Hill Academy. Will Brandon Jennings help to make Detroit a contender? What do you think?



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Edward Bernard
Hello! I am a native Detroiter and sports enthusiast. I have been actively following the NBA and the Detroit Pistons for more years than I care to mention. What I bring with me is a true understanding of where the Piston franchise has been, where it is now, and the direction that it is headed in. I am also an online marketer and blogger and I have written many blogs for one of the Piston sites. Father of 3 boys (who all played sports) Let's have fun!


  1. Asmir Pekmic

    I believe he will be okay and the Pistons will do better with him than they would eventually do with those 3 guys they sent to Milwaukee. Jennings might commit many turnovers and his shot selection might be questionable, but that was in Milwaukee. Now he has a new home where, I believe, he will do good.

    The Pistons have had an AMAZING offseason so far and I believe they will make the playoffs next season. It might take Jennings some time to adapt, but eventually he will turn into a star.

    P.S. I feel bad for Knight…he’s a kinda cool guy and Milwaukee isn’t going anywhere…bad for his future.

    • I agree. I think that this trade might be a good trade for Knight also where he won’t have as much pressure on him as he did with the Pistons. Brandon Jennings wanted a bigger market to play in and I think that Knight will be able to flourish in a smaller market where he could be the man on that team.

  2. I think its a good trade but has a few downsides. First Josh Smith and now Brandon Jennings. Both of these guys like to shoot to much. There’s only one ball and with two shoot first players And two very talented big men I’m wondering how their gonna get the ball to everyone. I think that the pieces they gave away to accuire him are not very substancial. And he is still very young and for the Pistons I hope he continues to improve. I think the Pistons have done a great job this off season and will reach the playoffs.

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